old portsmouth

  1. Bridge tavern, possibly 1970s

    Portsmouth Cathedral in the background
  2. Portsmouth Power Station - 1965

    Photo courtesy of Trevor Condon. Photo taken by Trevor's late uncle. Further reading: http://historyinportsmouth.co.uk/places/power-station.htm
  3. Seagull Restaurant, Old Portsmouth

    Year unknown - but looks to be 1960s/70s.
  4. Broad Street Flood, 1911

  5. Still and West in 1997

  6. Round Tower

  7. Old Sallyport, Hot Walls

  8. Grammar School, High Street, Portsmouth

  9. Junction St. Thomas and Highbury Street

  10. High Street, Old Portsmouth. Viewed from Square Tower

  11. The Old Town Hall and Dolphin Pub

  12. (Possibly) John Pounds outside his shop, Highbury Street, Old Portsmouth.

    John Pounds (June 17, 1766 – January 1, 1839) was a teacher and altruist born in Portsmouth, and the man most responsible for the creation of the concept of Ragged schools. After Pounds' death, Thomas Guthrie (often credited with the creation of Ragged Schools) wrote his Plea for Ragged Schools...