Old photos of fratton

  1. Fratton Park from the air

  2. Fratton Bridge, 1970

  3. Fire and Police Station, Fratton Road / Lake Road

  4. Buckland, Fratton, St. Marys Church

  5. St. Marys Road

  6. Sheep at Fratton Station

  7. E.Chandler Shop, Fratton Rd 1915

  8. St Mary's Church

  9. St Mary's Church 1914

  10. Carisbrooke Road houses damaged by Fratton Park roof during a storm, March 1906.

  11. Battle of Minden - The Dinlo

  12. Battle of Minden - the dinlo

  13. Fratton Train Station

  14. Co Op Crystal Rooms, Garnier Street, 1987

  15. Fratton Bridge

  16. Fratton Aerial Shot - Museum Gardens

  17. St. Marys Church, Kingston, with original tower

  18. Museum Gardens and Police Station

  19. Liverpool Road

  20. Froddington Arms and Palmers Brush Factory, 1964

    The Froddington Arms showing Palmer's Brush Factory in the background. The Brush Factory is now Victory Business Center (as of 2019). A story about Palmers Brush Factory: http://www.ataleofonecity.portsmouth.gov.uk/place/john-palmer-ltd-brush-factory/